About Us


What We Do

Collin County Mobility Collaborative is the vehicle for five existing Collin County non-profits to work together and help homeless single mom families become economically stable by providing housing, transportation, childcare and education needed to move from crisis to self-sustaining independence.


Who We Are

Ignited by Toyota's Community Impact Initiative, five existing Collin County non-profits came together to share knowledge, resources and energy to collectively tackle a problem that impacts our whole community: homelessness

These five non-profits include Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Collin County Cares, Family Promise of Collin County, Hope's Door New Beginning Center and Shiloh Place McKinney.

the facts

Collin County is viewed as prosperous, but hidden is a homeless community. They don't sleep under bridges or on park benches, but instead work a full-time job, maybe even two, and live in extended stay hotels, on a friend's couch or in their car.

8,000 families are one job loss, one illness, one broken car away from homelessness.

Once a family is homeless – especially single mom families – it is nearly impossible to recover without help.

Less than 400 beds are available in Collin County to help our homeless neighbors.

Over 16,000 PISD students rely on free or reduced lunch programs - over double the number of students from 2010.

4,000 people are turned away each year from Collin county shelters and housing agencies. 

3,000 of those turned away each year are single mom families, most with young children.

61,000 Collin County residents live at or below the poverty threshold.